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Homer Icon Contest!

Hello, Homer fans! Over the next week, we will be holding a Homer icon contest. You can submit up to 3 icons, and then voting will be open to the public, so we all can decide on the best one! The winner's icon will be used as the default icon for this community. They will also be credited in the userinfo, and they will obtain the title of "Homer Icon Master." There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a Mod's choice award. clarissa will make all of the winners' awards. The contest will end January 27th at 5:00 EST. All comments will be screened. Please make one icon (or more) featuring Homer, and then comment on this post! Thank you all, and I hope people decide to participate. If you have any questions, comment here!

Here's an image, just in case you can't find any;

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Click it to see it at full size. :)
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