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harry vs bart

Hi all, sorry i know this doesn't really belong here, but i thought a place where simpsons fans congrugate would be best. i have a query:

'He's not spiderpig anymore, he's harry plopper'
And so two of the biggest media releases of our generation fuse. (I thought the pokemon allusion was an added bonus).

Which was more important to you?
Which did you have greater longings for?
Which was most satisfying?
Which was more publicised?
Which do most people care about?
Or simply... Which was better?
Answer here, give a reason if you can be bothered. Results + best reasons will be posted on my myspace* if enough people take part on my myspace. 

Sorry for invading your community, but i dont know where else i can scout for answeres, other than fan sites of both harry and simpsons.
If you have any suggestions, im all ears.

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